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For me there is nothing better than feeling that life is awesome and I could just about face anything! When I met Mary I felt that life was something that was relentless and happens to you, not for you. I lacked some necessary skills to keep myself on track when I became overwhelmed, which happened often. With Mary’s solid, warm words I became confident about trying new ways of dealing with issues. I have become a more decisive decision maker. I have learnt more about who I am. I now use better words to explain how I am and what I am going to do about my life. I have made some excellent changes as I grab life and live it. Life is GREAT!!
WT, Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Motivating, inspirational, encouraging and defining — these are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about the impact that Coaching the Attitude has had on my life professionally and personally. It has enabled me to define where I have come from and where I am headed, but more importantly where I am here and now so that I don’t miss out on today and can make more of my tomorrows as I realise my true God-given potential.
RD, Manager/Owner, Montessori School

I was finding work frustrating, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go, I was reacting to things rather than being able to make opportunities happen which was exhausting, and I had this distinct feeling I was actually getting in my own way — but how do you remove that sort of obstacle? Through my coaching sessions (over the phone) with Mary I was allowed to explore perceptions of myself and was then able to decide what was true and what wasn’t — it was amazing what was lying under the surface and whether negative or positive it was all useful. Mary used probing, open questions and insightful comments which really helped me to get to know myself. Her sessions allowed me to uncover my true motivations and gave me the clarity and ability to acknowledge my strengths (I didn’t think I had many) and then the confidence and self-belief to take a few ‘risks’ and make/chase opportunities. I am more organised and focused and certainly lighter and more fun to be around as I have become more comfortable with myself. Business has taken off and I have also been able to take some of Mary’s techniques and tools and apply them in my work as a business consultant helping people maximise their own potential and that of their companies. What can I say — it works!
BW, Business Consultant

Coaching is a gentle but revealing process of self-discovery. Mary has the perceptive ability to ask the probing questions, listen for the signals, judges what is important to you and nudges motivationally. Mary walks supportively alongside until your goals have been realised.
TH, Professional social worker

Mary with her wonderful sense of humour has the ability to make me focus on what I wanted, where I was going and how to get there with my future requirements. With two businesses to run, teenagers and a new marriage, I realised I was an eager candidate — I knew what was needed to run a smooth operation but was struggling on the smoothness. From business to health, family and careers, Mary covers it all. With her amazing amount of knowledge, her many quotations and references to really helpful reading material, I knew I was in good hands. I was challenged and asked to set goals, identify the pros and cons, and reflect on our action plan at the following meeting. Never once did Mary dictate, dominate or counsel me. It was all about «Coaching the Attitude». She made me think for myself. If it worked, great, if not lets try something different. Her follow-up on our sessions and recapping the action play was of great benefit. A great lady who is passionate and professional in her adeptly chosen career. Thank you Mary, I made it through the summer.
RB — wife, mother and business owner

I like the way Mary keeps me to the mark. She intuitively identifies where I am stuck and replaces my anxiety with confidence. Mary delivers results that are beyond what I could have anticipated, with sensitivity and perspective.
JF, Executive Account Manager

Thank you Mary for guiding me on my path to self belief. The change in my inner self over the past 6 months has been amazing. Although born a positive person Mary has taught me, in her gentle way, how to expand on this attribute. I have learnt to open my eyes to my surroundings, be aware of things I say and how I say them and to look for the good in all. There is so much more to us than we give ourselves credit for and I believe Mary has this ability to set one on the path of self belief and fulfilment.
AMcH, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

I found Mary Parker’s «Coaching the Attitude» to be hugely beneficial to my life. Initially I thought I would get coaching to help me with my struggles with management in our business. Mary helped me see behaviour patterns in my work place and coached on how to deal with situations as they arose. But more importantly she has shown me how to put things in place to have more joy and fulfilment in all aspects of my life, not just my work life. I now have a balance that I am happy with, a relationship that has gone from ho-hum to great, a workplace that I enjoy and have a great sense of achievement in.

At our recent conference, our company won several awards — Most Improved Sales Consultant (one of our staff), Most Improved Franchise Performance and Best Showroom Presentation and Service. I believe these awards were won by the changes in our workplace that were implemented with coaching that Mary gave me. Many thanks Mary.
MB, Business Owner & Manager

I felt Mary would be able to help me work through a major transition in my life — moving into self- employment after being a full-time mother at home. From my point of view it seemed a daunting prospect as there was so much to learn and understand. Perhaps what I hadn’t realised was that there was also so much to learn and understand about myself, let alone the world of business. At every meeting with Mary I came away having just discovered something new about myself — an amazing realisation when you think you know yourself pretty well. It was this process of delving deep within myself and finding the real me that really set me on the road to confidence. I realise that I had to go through that process before I could ever embark on my new business career. Since then there has been no looking back.

Mary is gifted with the skill of quickly grasping where someone is at with their life and drawing out the thoughts and feelings from deep within. She’ll only go where you want to go but her skill at approaching subjects from different perspectives will definitely help you resolve issues you may have thought impenetrable. If you think you know yourself completely, think again — there is an ocean of thoughts and emotions within us, some are useful and some are not. It was always a joy to spend an hour with Mary. She loves working with people and genuinely wants to help people make positive changes in their lives. Following each session I felt uplifted, confident and ready to make a change — as you can imagine, after 10 sessions that was a lot of change!
MF, Writer & Editor

Mary Parker - Personal Success Coach