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Mary ParkerMary Parker, the founder of Coaching the Attitude, is a personal success coach, based in Tauranga, New Zealand. She has received her training through Coach University. For more information about this training programme go to www.coachinc.com

Before becoming a life coach, Mary had had experience in the media industry, she has owned her own business in the hospitality industry for a period of five years, and has had extensive and varied experience in social work, working for a non-profit organisation.

For the past 13 years she has been based in Germany and then in Malta, working in an international community setting, organising seminars, workshops, and other types of group facilitation plus engaging in one-on-one mentor work.

Some of the assets that Mary brings to her coaching include her ability to recognise the hidden gifts and talents of the people she is coaching and she has a deep interest in seeing others reach their full potential in a positive, encouraging and enjoyable environment.

Through her observations and life experience, Mary recognises that people are the sum of their personalities and experiences, and that effective coaching needs to involve the whole person, not just focus on isolated behaviours. She believes successful coaching means enabling people to understand themselves better, to see the world in a clearer way and to identify best ways forward while removing barriers to progress.

Each person’s understanding of success is very personal and unique but to discover how to live successfully, according to your values, is to know patently who you are and how you have chosen to live your life. Coaching the Attitude can be part of the process on this journey.

Some brief comments about the coaching process:

Mary with her wonderful sense of humour had the ability to make me focus on what I wanted, where I was going and how to get there.
RB, Business Owner

Motivating, inspirational, encouraging and defining.
RD, Manager/Owner — Montessori School

I was allowed to explore perceptions of myself and was then able to decide what was true and what wasn’t.
BW, Business Consultant

Mary has shown me how to put things in place to have more joy and fulfilment in all aspects of my life, not just my work life. I now have a balance that I am happy with, a relationship that has gone from ho-hum to great, a workplace that I enjoy and have a great sense of achievement in.
MB, Business Owner & Manager

Mary intuitively identifies where I am stuck and replaces my anxiety with confidence.
JF, Executive Account Manager

Although born a positive person Mary has taught me, in her gentle way, how to expand on this attribute.
AMcH, Business owner & Entrepreneur

At every meeting with Mary I came away having just discovered something new about myself — an amazing realisation when you think you know yourself pretty well. It was this process of delving deep within myself and finding the real me that really set me on the road to confidence.
MF, Writer & Editor

Mary Parker - Personal Success Coach